Comfort trade: How to

Before ordering a comfort trade, please follow these instructions carefully to ensure a smooth service.

Step 1.

Ensure you have a minimum of 250 coins on your account and an empty trade pile.  For maximum security, you may wish to set a temporary password before you order, then once we are finished you can change it back.

Step 2.

Sign in to your account and make sure you have disabled login approvals and code generation.



Step 3.  

Check your emails!  There is a strong chance that Facebook might block us access to your account, if this happens Facebook will prompt you to accept us as a trusted location/browser.

If you receive an email telling you this, here is what you need to do:

You may also be asked if you want to save the browser, you must select yes, if you select no we won't be able to sign in.


Step 4.

We are now able to start the transfer to your account, we will complete it as soon as possible.  Please do not sign in to your account whilst a comfort trade is taking place, if you do then your order will be put to the back of the queue.  

Once your transfer is complete you will receive an order update saying "complete", at this point it's safe to sign back in to your account.  

It is much appreciated if you do not spam our email account asking how long is left, we are a very busy website & cannot rush comfort trades.  Thank you.

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